The Best Aftermarket Rimfire Stocks


Upgrading Your Varmint Blaster: The Best Aftermarket Rimfire Stocks

While a lot of options are available out there for rimfire guns with great factory stocks, sometimes what the manufacturer is giving you just doesn’t cut it or doesn’t fit your specific needs. While a rimfire varminter would absolutely love a lightweight, minimalist stock for quick deployment, a rimfire PRS shooter is probably looking for something heavy, one-piece, and chock-full of attachment points for all sorts of accessories. There really is no “one size fits all” for aftermarket rimfire stocks but today we’re bringing you the best aftermarket rimfire stocks.

Upgrading Your Varmint Blaster: The Best Aftermarket Rimfire Stocks

Upgrading Your Varmint Blaster: The Best Aftermarket Rimfire Stocks

1. Kinetic Research Group Bravo Chassis


Kinetic Research Group Bravo Chassis

The Editors Pick

Kinetic Research Group’s Bravo S/A chassis comes highly recommended by our editor Rusty. The KRG Bravo is extremely durable and sold aftermarket stock that fits quite a few actions, and has design elements that improve the bedding of most actions as well, improving accuracy. The skeleton of the stock is made mostly from aluminum that stretches the entire length of the stock, and reinforced polymer is used for the remainder of the stock’s construction only adding to its durability factor. This is an extremely popular option for rimfire shooters looking to upgrade their standard 10/22 stock.

Pros/Light, adjustable, and actually increases your accuracy.


Bottom Line/If you’re considering it – just buy it.

2. Grey Birch Solutions 10/22 Foundation DLX Chassis


Grey Birch Solutions 10/22 Foundation DLX Chassis

Lightweight with Full Features

Weighing much less than your standard aftermarket aluminum stock, the Grey Birch Solutions 10/22 Foundation DLX Chassis is one of the newest contenders in the aftermarket rimfire stock game. The Foundation DLX features a magwell cutout for easier magazine changes, is AR grip compatible, features a modular and removable 10″ forend which is also Arca-Swiss and M-LOK compatible. The stock itself folds in half to make the entire package more compact and convenient to move around.

Pros/Very Light, Feature Rich and features a folding stock

Cons/Expensive. Base model Foundation (non DLX version) requires you to purchase your own parts to complete it

Bottom Line/A solid blend of precision rifle and lightweight rifle features. Probably the best all around rimfire chassis on the market

3. Boyds Ruger 10/22 AT-One Stock


Boyds Ruger 10/22 AT-One Stock

Beautiful simplicity

Boyds makes great stocks for just about anything up to and including the highly venerated 10/22 rifle. The AT-One stock is one I’ve recently had a decent amount of experience with and I absolutely love it. All of Boyds gunstocks are made from high-quality laminate and come in a wide variety of colors and finishes as well depending on your preferences. While these aren’t the highest-end stocks for PRS shooting, they do feature both comb and length of pull adjustments and also have QD cups for the attachment of slings. In short, a less expensive more traditional upgrade for your 10/22 or another rimfire rifle.

Pros/Beautiful laminate combined with durable and tough polymer and aluminum

Cons/No accommodation for forend attachments

Bottom Line/A simple upgrade that can bring new life to an old rifle

4. Magpul X-22 Backpacker Takedown Stock


Magpul X-22 Backpacker Takedown Stock

The Ultimate Backpack Gun Solution

If you like taking long hikes into the backwoods or you just have a large amount of property and need something to stow in your day bag for the occasional groundhog, prairie dog, or other small varmints, the Magpul 10/22 backpacker stock is one of the best options I can give you. Not only does the X-22 replace the original wood or synthetic takedown stock, but it also adds convenient storage for 3 additional BX-1 magazines without requiring additional space.

Pros/Allows your 10/22 takedown to be stored in one single piece

Cons/Only works with the Ruger 10/22 takedown

Bottom Line/Great for backpackers, or multi-species hunters.

5. MDT LSS Chassis


MDT LSS Chassis

The MDT LSS Chassis comes as a one-piece unit that is compatible with a wide variety of both rimfire and centerfire rifles. These finely crafted aftermarket stocks ensure that you have an increase in accuracy because of the V-shaped bedding and recoil lug area within the chassis. If you’re a big fan of using your rimfire rifles as less-expensive tactical training tools, then this one would be a good option for you.

Pros/Great feature set, Can be swapped from your full size centerfire rifle to your rimfire with repeatable accuracy.


Bottom Line/A great option for Rimfire PRS, or Tactical training with a rimfire.

Will an aftermarket stock affect the performance of my rimfire rifle?

Yes and no. While the firearm is generally isolated from the stock, you are not. A better stock can help you get a faster sight picture, decrease the carrying size of your firearm, and in some cases, an aftermarket stock can legitimately increase the accuracy of your rifle. Free floated and/or bedded rifles benefit greatly in the accuracy department but both offer advantages and disadvantages while they increase accuracy. Usually, these DIY or Gunsmith jobs are expensive and time-consuming and a good quality aftermarket stock can do one or both of these things for you much more quickly and less expensively.

Why are PRS stocks and rifles so heavy?

In PRS competition you’re trying to accomplish two things that are normally diametrically opposed to one another – speed and accuracy. PRS rifles including Rimfire PRS rifles need heavy rigid barrels to maintain accuracy and that heavy barrel is often counterbalanced out with a heavier than normal stock to make the rifle more balanced and easier to manipulate. PRS rifles and aftermarket stocks also generally feature one or more rail sections for the attachment of bipods. A heavier rifle also makes for a more stable shooting platform which is another reason Rimfire PRS rifles tend to be denser than your average rifle.

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