Review – Joyzis 296Wh Portable Power Station


Review – Joyzis 296Wh Portable Power Station

When it comes to portable power stations, I think being portable and lightweight can be a huge advantage if you’re planning to use it for exploring purposes or if you’re not interested in lugging around a huge beast from one space to another. The Joyszis is one of the lightest power stations I’ve ever come across weighing just 4.29 pounds.

This is truly a compact and portable power station by definition.

Let’s talk about some of the specs of the Joyzis 296W portable power station:

Right out of the box, I was impressed with the size and weight, as I’ve already stated. Outside of that, the two handles that it comes with fold up when you need them and down out of the way when not in use which I feel is certainly an added benefit to make it even more compact. Also, because of the way the handles open up, when you walk with it, it’s not awkwardly hitting your legs.

Between the folded handles is a wireless phone charger. To activate it just press the little button there at the top and then place your compatible smartphone down on top of it. I always appreciate a power station with a wireless phone charger.

It’s very straightforward with everything right there in front with a quick charge 3.0 USB port and 60W type C PD port for 400% faster charging. It also has two 5V USB ports, an AC port and a DC 12V port.

It’s incredibly easy to use.

  • Power on
  • Plug your device in
  • Done

This power station can be charged with solar panels, Type-C PD 60W port, DC in port, and car charger. I should say that I’m not thrilled that I have to charge the power station with the PD 60W. The accessories didn’t come with a DC in so I have to use the PD 60W which seemed to take almost half the day to get it charged up from 50%. The only accessories it came with were the PD 60W plug, as well as a car charger. I felt the plugs that it came with were lacking a bit, compared to other brands.

One of the biggest advantages of this power station is how well it works in cold and hot weather. It can work normally between -4F to 149F. Those are really impressive temperature fluctuations considering we’re talking about a battery here.

This power station has four kinds of lights on it. When I first turned on the lights my 5-year-old was playing on the other side of the room then stopped, looked over, and said, “Whoa! That’s bright!” So yeah, the lights are bright. There are two different lights on each side of the power station. There’s an always-on, fast flashing, SOS signal, and reading light.

This power station can charge your phone, small monitor, small wattage fan, laptop, CPAP, an LED light, and other items with smaller wattage needs.


If you’re looking for a no-fuss, lightweight, compact power station that can handle extreme temperatures, this is definitely one you should be checking out. Take a look today!

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