Revamp Your Gun Safe with Lockdown Vault Accessories

Revamp Your Gun Safe with Lockdown Vault Accessories

In this article we are going to look at some of the  products offered by Lockdown, a tech focused storage accessory brand.

I hope I’m not alone in saying this, but organizing my gear seems to be an ongoing chore. As I accumulate more stuff I also have to contend with where to put it and how to keep it accessible. Not only do I need to have my gear handy for range trips or outings locally, but also for when I travel for hunting trips. If I have done a poor job of keeping my self and my gear organized I end up going to the store and buying yet another one of something I have or going without. It’s a blessing and a curse and I have been working very hard to be more organized for my own sanity.

When you get into organization, you can either make something you find at your local Target or sporting goods store work or you can look for products that are made for the situation. One company that I have been slightly obsessed with this year is Lockdown. In a previous article, I did an in depth review of their Logic enabled devices. If you aren’t familiar, the Lockdown Logic Enabled devices, they help you take your 20th century gun storage and bring it up to date with Wi-Fi enabled devices. You should definitely check out my last article and get up to speed.

Today we are going to be looking at some of the organization and storage enhancing solutions offered by Lockdown. The first thing you’ll notice when you hit the organization category on the site is that Lockdown offers an enormous amount of products to help you clean up your space. Regardless of the type of safe or storage area you have, you will no doubt be able to find something to suit your needs. With all that said, let’s dive in to what I think are some of the top items Lockdown has in the organization category.

1. Automatic Cordless 25 LED Vault Light, 2 Pack


Automatic Cordless 25 LED Vault Light, 2 Pack

Single LED Light in a 36 gun safe

It may seem like a small upgrade for your safe or vault, but I assure you that a small light can add a tremendous amount of value. Sure, you may have a overhead light in your basement, closet or gun room but it will never reach the dark void at the top of your safe.

The 2 pack of Automatic Cordless 25 LED Vault Lights offered by Lockdown meets a serious need for me. I keep suppressors and pistols at the top shelf of my safe and this lighting option makes life so much easier when I open the door.

What is even nicer about these lights is that they will automatically pop on when you open your safe door.

Pros/Small, lightweight, magnetic and screw mounting options, ample light

Cons/Velcro mounting would be a great option

Bottom Line/This is an affordable and impactful upgrade when you need some extra light

2. Vault Drawer


Vault Drawer

Lockdown Vault Drawer

When you have a large gun safe, you can lose some of the potential storage space depending on how you organize your shelves. The Lockdown Drawer Vault is an awesome option to add a bit more functional storage to your vault or safe.

Most will probably use this within their safe, but I actually find a great use for these on the shelves in my gun room as well.

No matter how you use it, this drawer is a fantastic upgrade for storage.

Pros/Compact, easy to install, ample drawer capacity, affordable

Cons/Only available in a single drawer option

Bottom Line/For a very affordable price you can add additional storage that is easy to access.

3. Handgun Rack – Barrel Down


Handgun Rack - Barrel Down

Handgun Rack – Barrel Down

If you own more than a couple of handguns you have surely found yourself trying to find the best way to store them in your safe without stacking them like a pile of books. These handgun racks from Lockdown offer a really seamless way to safely and securely store your pistols.

This option is configured with the barrel down storage which allows you to thread a coated rod down the barrel of up to 6 handguns allowing you to easily find and remove your handgun of choice.

Pros/Affordable, lightweight, two configurations

Cons/requires shelf space to be clear to use

Bottom Line/This is a must have for those who own more than one handgun

4. Compact Auto Dehumidifier


Compact Auto Dehumidifier

Lockdown’s Compact Auto Dehumidifier

Keeping moisture out of your safe is one of the most important things you can do to ensure the longevity of your firearms. Many people have their safe in their basement or even garage and the climate can fluctuate considerably in those areas.

This compact dehumidifier is a perfect option to keep inside of your gun safe even if you are running a larger unit outside of your gun safe.

This humidifier has a built in drainage reservoir but can also be directed to a drain with a small hose as well.

Pros/Small, dual drainage options

Cons/You must have a safe with electrical power to use

Bottom Line/If you are battling humidity in your gun safe, this is a great option to help cut down on moisture

5. Universal Vault Door Organizer


Universal Vault Door Organizer

Universal Vault Door Organizer

Simple but incredibly useful, the Lockdown Universal Vault Door Organizer provides a much needed option for door storage if you gun safe did not come with door accessories.

What I like most about this unit is that it can be mounted to a carpeted or metal door and has multifunctional pockets. The bottom zippered compartments can be used to hold smaller items like coins or jewelry or unzipped to accommodate handguns.

Pros/Affordable, multi functional, easy to install

Cons/Does not come with a velcro backer to keep the organizer from swinging when the door is opened or closed.

Bottom Line/Adding storage to your door is a breeze with this organizer

6. Secure Panel – Standard


Secure Panel - Standard

Secure Panel – Standard

For those of you lucky enough to have your own dedicated storage room with a vault door, you are no doubt thinking of all the cool instagram pictures you have seen with dozens of rifles on display. Well, when they set up their rooms, they are using a product just like the Secure Panel from Lockdown.

The secure panel can be used with both proprietary lockdown hanging accessories as well as more traditional pegboard hooks. You can also get the Secure Panel in two size configurations.

For me, this is the end goal of all gun collectors. A dedicated room with all of your finer firearms on the wall for you to admire.

Pros/Two size configurations, cross compatibility, powder coated

Cons/Only available in one color

Bottom Line/If you have the secure storage space to display your firearms on the wall, this is a must have!

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