Review – 296Wh Waterproof Portable Power Station by Issomi


Review – 296Wh Waterproof Portable Power Station by Issomi

If you’re looking for a powerful portable power station to freely take with you on camping trips, offroading, or bugging out into the apocalypse, you might want to take a moment to check out the Issomi waterproof portable power station.

I was immediately impressed with this power station when I first received it. I plugged it in the wall outlet and it charged to 100% from 50% in just a couple of hours, which shows a quick-charging capability.

This is the first vertical-style power station that I’ve ever seen and I am into it. It looks sleek, has a flip-up handle on the top which hides away when not in use. It’s easy to carry because of the vertical design, you’re not struggling to carry it and have it bump into your legs as you carry. It’s clearly made for everyday usage. And it only weighs 8.4 pounds.

This power station can be charged via solar panel, AC outlet, or car outlet. I would keep it plugged into the wall socket and have it ready whenever you need to use it. During an emergency or disaster, charge it with your vehicle or solar panels.

On the top, it has a wireless cell phone charger. Immediate bonus points are given to power stations that have this feature. Instead of using a USB slot for my phone, I can rest it on the wireless charging spot and use the USB ports for something else.

There’s also the button for the LED light, which has three brightness settings. The light also swivels downwards which is neat for indirect light or even more direct light needed facing downwards. The light takes about 1W on the lowest setting, 2W on the medium, and 3W on the highest setting. All of those are extremely low wattages.

The display turns on when the power button is pushed, and it appears that the display itself takes about 2-3W. However, if nothing is plugged in or the light isn’t on, the display turns off after about a minute, and after three minutes of inactivity, it shuts off completely.

My box of accessories came with car battery jumper cables. I haven’t found any documentation on this, but from the looks of it, it appears that I can plug this into the power station and use it to charge my car battery which is something I’ve never seen advertised by any other power station.

Something I’ve never seen with any other power station yet is the waterproof feature. It’s rated IP63. This means, it’s rated to be dust-right and protects against spraying water up to 60-degree angles. That’s actually very impressive. One of the ways it remains air and water-tight is through the enclosed ports. And outside of that, I can’t see anything else that might be affected by it except for the buttons up top, but those looked sealed up, as well.

In saying that, I wouldn’t recommend leaving any power station outside in the rain. When it’s finished charging using solar panels, bring it inside immediately. I’m more impressed with this system for its dust-proof capabilities than its waterproof ones, but the waterproof ones certainly are a bonus. It can’t be submerged in water, but it can take a bit of rain.

The battery can withstand high temperatures but if it reaches over 113 degrees F while charging, it will go into protection mode and shut off. Be aware of that and keep the power stations in ideal conditions when storing and using.

When the battery is 20% or lower, a buzzer will prompt every so often. It’s a nice way to alert you to the lower battery if you don’t happen to have your eyes glued to the screen.

Here’s what you can charge with a 296W capacity:

  • Phones up to 22 times
  • Laptops up to 5.5 times
  • Monitor up to 5.5 hours
  • 20W fan for 13 hours
  • CPAP for 10-20 hours (depending on the type of CPAP)
  • 5W light for 60 hours

Take a look at the wattage of what you want to power and calculate how long it’ll last depending on your needs. Once something is charged or you no longer need to have the item plugged in for use, unplug it and turn the power station off.


A great addition to any home, vehicle, adventure, or bug-out plan. You’ll be ready to power just about anything with this power station. Take a look for yourself.

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